All the pictures in the series called “Parasitic Painting” are painted over another painters’ paintings, both originals and reproductions. The works come from flea markets, car exchange places, second hand shops or directly from the people who want to get rid of them. Pictures are also finding as abandoned, thrown away or given as unnecessary. Some of pictures were stolen from repositories of Academy of Fine Arts in Poland. — Obtained pictures are the underlay for Parasite creativity. The input material, stimulus, context and outline of history: a breeding ground for Parasitic Painting.

ROZBRAT zostaje! W obronie Rozbratu / In defence of RozbratBLACK
Extinction Rebellion XRANTHROPOCENE’S
Portret kobiety strajkującej | Strajk Kobiet / Women's StrikeSTRIKING
Coming out akryl na wydruku na płótnie, 50 x 40 cm 2013BLACK
Czarne Poza Rzeczy (Carpe diem) / Black Thing Out (Carpe diem)BLACK
  Czarny X (Pic 1) / Black X (Pic 1)BLACK
  Czarne Ramy (czekolada Liotarda) / Black Frames (Liotard's chocolate)BLACK
Wyciek bezczelności / Wyrywanie chwastów olej na oleju na płótnie, 40 x 45 cm 2013CESSPOOLS Tęcza nie obraża / Rainbow doesn't offendRAINBOWS
  Fcuk kwiat olej na olej na płótnie, 50 x 40 cm 2014SUNFLOWERS Błysk czarnowidztwa / Black flashEXPLOSIONS
SPIRALS Prawdziwe oblicze / True faceVARIOUS PAINTINGS
pasozyt-parasite--malarstwo-painting-card--online---2020Calendar Cards CARDS 2020 – WALL PAINTINGS / MURALS
Obrazy na zamówienie / Paintings on orderPaintings on order